Reasons Why Casinos Can Ban You For Winning

  • Feb 25, 2022

The main aim of playing at an online casino is to win. What if we tell you that an online casino can ban you — surprised? Well, you need not worry. A reliable and trusted online casino will only ban you for legitimate reasons. There are several reasons why an online casino will ban you from winning. In this article, we'll walk you through some of these factors so that you can avoid them when you start playing at an online casino.

Can Online Casino Bans Consistent Winners?

When you play at a reliable online casino, you don't need to worry about winning consistently. According to the rules, online casino management will not ban you from winning. If you hit a massive jackpot, the casino has to pay you unless they think it's an error, which they will have to prove. One good answer is that the online casino has nothing to gain by banning their big winners. Or do they?

Most people usually think that online casinos usually avoid paying a large number of winnings to players. The truth is that banning consistent winners can hurt the casino. After all, who will play at an online casino that bans their big winners? No one! People will spread negative words about the casino so that other players can avoid such casinos. So instead of banning consistent winners, reliable casinos celebrates them. By doing so, they entice more players to increase their profits.

What Are The Actions That Casino Ban Players From?

Since winning consistently at an online casino can't ban you from winning, what can you be banned for? There are several reasons why online casinos will kick you out. The first reason is cheating. If you are caught cheating at an online casino, you will be banned from playing. You might be blacklisted from playing at other online casinos. For instance, hackers can increase their winning odds at an online casino by using betting bots.

These betting bots carry out complex mathematics on several casino games, such as online slots, based on the results they perceive after many spins. Over time, betting bots can get the pattern used by the PRNG algorithm. With this pattern, the betting bots can make specific bets when the players have the most advantage against the house. However, online casinos use AI-powered bots to search for irregular betting patterns. Casinos will ban any exposed cheaters.

Can I get a ban for Violating Casino Policy?

Even if an online casino player is constantly losing and now performing any form of cheating, you will get a ban if you violate the casino policy. One of the casino policies is not to abuse the bonus offered at the casino. There are several ways that you can use to abuse bonuses. First, if you are found operating multiple accounts at a particular casino to claim their bonus offers, you will be kicked out, and your account will be blocked permanently.

For example, a player claims a bonus of 1000 EUR and is allowed to wager the fund on live casino games, and he decides to play the game of roulette. Then the player covers 50% of the available numbers on the roulette table, which means he has a 50-50 chance of walking away with casino winnings. However, this same player wagers an opposite bet on the same roulette table via another account. This is termed bonus fraud.

What's Our Say?

Reliable online casinos won't ban players for winning legitimately. So ensure you play at an online casino licenced under the appropriate jurisdiction. However, even legitimate online casinos have terms and conditions that you are required to follow. If you break their terms and conditions, this could make them not pay your winnings or even ban you from the casino. No matter how much you win, if you follow the rules and supply your ID when needed, the casino will payout your money.

Can Online Casinos Ban You For Winning?